Monday, October 6, 2008

Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles at Work

After being out from work last Friday because of the usual migraine that I got every time my period comes, well its been a routine already and I'm one of those million of women that suffers from the Pre Menstrual Syndrome stuff. Why men don't have it? hehehehe 

I went to the office early and checked my mails for new tasks, but I got 0 messages on my office email account. Yay! I got nothing to do tonight. I just need to sit here in my cube, surf the net and I can do anything except sleeping and get paid. No more articles and snippets for now, my last client just dropped their contract with the company leaving me and two other colleagues free from tasks. I've been browsing to different websites from local blogs of yugatech, friendster, facebook and stumbled a lot of websites on my StumbleUpon account until I remembered one of the conversations that I had with wyldkard about him mentioning Sarah Connor.

Because I got nothing to do tonight at work, I thought on looking up if who is Sarah Connor. Wikipedia revealed her identity and yeah I remember who she was. She was the heroine in the Terminator movies which already have tv series entitled
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I was hooked up all night with the tv series at tv links and I watched the first three episodes from the first season. And it really did perk up my night. Now, I just realized that I am so grateful that I can do such thing at the office. I still don't have any clients for now, so this mean that tonight I'll be watching again some episodes of Sarah Connor.

Monday, February 25, 2008

To Outsource or not ?

In the business society today the term “Outsourcing,” is rapidly emerging and making its way to a new trend in business processing. Commonly, outsourcing is getting a third – party company or individual to do a certain task. Usually the third-party is a Consultant, Contractor or even a freelancer.

The best example of a task that is being outsourced by a company is Customer Services. They hire third party individual to receive customer services- related calls and another very simple example is hiring someone to do the cleaning of your company office. Does it make sense?

Outsourcing vs. Offshoring

Oftentimes, the term outsourcing is being used interchangeably with offshoring. Outsourcing may or may not involve offshoring. Lets define offshoring to make things clearer. Offshoring is the process of transferring business processes or organizational functions to another country, regardless whether the task is outsourced or being done by the company.

During the recent times, the term has been used for technology related solutions such as Customer Support or Helpdesk, but it does not only end with the technology- related solutions but also even with non-technical, such as telemarketing, market research, customer services, and with manufacturing and engineering.

There are a lot of companies today that are offering outsourcing services, these companies usually caters to industries such as:

  • IT
  • Human Resource
  • Accounting
  • Facilities and Real Estate Management

    The main reason that companies usually outsource is to effectively cut their cost and the following are:

  • Cost Restructuring ()
  • Improve Quality
  • Knowledge
  • Contract
  • Operational Expertise
  • Staffing Issues
  • Capacity Management
  • Catalyst for Change
  • Reduce time to market
  • Commodification
  • Risk Management
  • Time Zone
  • Customer Pressure

    To Outsource or not?

    The question that is always being raised by small business or even large companies. To engage or not into outsourcing. Risk is always bounded with business, but it can be manage, by choosing intelligently the right provider. Consider always the required skill and knowledge that is intended for your campaign. The skills and talent required for your campaign may not be seen and available with your internal employees.

    Outsourced campaigns are more difficult to manage and oversee with an eagle eye while with the your internal employees, tasks or projects are easily evaluated . But if project reports are required and task are neatly defined , outsource projects may be manageable also.

    Businesses are continually looking for solutions on how they can increase productivity and lower costs. In Economics, the essential elements for business success is by lowering the costs and increasing productivity. Success of a business leads to its growth in which leads to employment.
  • Tuesday, February 19, 2008

    Why Advertise on the Internet?

    Why do advertise on the Internet?Is it better in having your ads on television?

    Online advertising is cost- effective than having your ads on the television, you need not pay for every second of your commercial. Have you ever wonder why there are a lot of ads when you open a website? We usually do not mind them , right? When e encounter pop ups we usually disregard them and close it. But, are they really useful to the web users? It is for some, but for the owner of the website it is so beneficial that they may even pay to have those pop ups and ad banners.
    Basically, online advertising is a form of advertising over the internet, and it is a way of delivering marketing messages or introducing products. Nowadays, it is
    essential that a certain company has its own website, it is an extension of their A lot of money is made from online advertising by companies that offers these kind of services. There are some techniques that are being used by companies that offers online advertising services that are currently popular, like Pay Per Click, Cost Per Visitor, Cost Per Impression and Cost Per Conversion.

    The following are some of the benefits of doing online advertising:

    Increases traffic to your website
    Attract new customers from across the globe
    Increase online bookings/ sales/ orders
    Build brand awareness of your product or services
    Link directly to additional information

    Why advertise on the Internet? Because it is cost- effective and convenient.

    Marketing Blogs - BlogCatalog Blog Directory

    What You Need To know About Online Marketing?

    Engaging into online marketing? There are some basic things we need to know before we can do marketing over the Internet. Things that may possibly help in having an effective website. There are a lot of things to consider before engaging into online marketing. Always do remember that the Internet is not only a place where you can place your ads, it is different than print ad or any traditional form of advertising, there are a lot of things to take into consideration.

    Online competition is far greater than offline business marketing, a lot of companies offers the same products and services that you do, so considering their own strategy may lead into a better online marketing scheme, evaluate what they do have and do not have in their website and try to apply the things that are worth and useful to your page, it does not mean that you need to do the same thing but their advantage may also be yours...

    Do make a goal. What are your objectives in putting up your website? Be sure that the goals that you have set are attainable. Your website is the extension of your business. What they will see there will be an image of your company. A lot of people will visit your website and may judge it. Focus on how people will visit your website and make them aware of your products and services or make a sale / order.

    Content of your page needs to be worth-reading and informative. Simple, brief and concise descriptions of your products and services and also do not forget to include your contact information, people that will visit your page might be more interested and need some further information. Include email address, contact number and even the company's physical address, also in that way it will also build credibility and trust to your users. Having images or logos is also great, but don't have too much of it, some users may not like it...

    Having your website optimized with search engines is also effective strategy in online marketing, for it enables your page to be on top of the search result page of search engines. And one of the essentials in having a website is also to have a domain, you can contact your Internet Service Provider or you can get it free from some websites or you can have a subscription.

    For more tips on online marketing you may check on the following links:


    How to drive people to your page?

    What are the chances that your page will be more visible to users if competition is an issue over the web?

    One of the reasons that companies put up their own websites is to be known and let the Internet users be aware that they exist and also to expand their target market, not just locally but globally. Currently, a lot of web owners are aiming to be at the top of page ranking of a certain search engines, why is that so? When users search for a certain keyword there are a lot of list of pages as result, and if your page is one on the the higher rank there is a great possibility that the user will click on it and visit the page.

    Search Engine Marketing is a form of online marketing that enables a certain page to be promoted by increasing their visibility in the search engine results page. There are several methods that are being used today, but the most popular is the search engine optimization wherein there are certain keyword embedded on the codes of the page that will improve and make the page more visible when these certain keywords are being searched and this is a very effective method. There are also paid purchase services that will make your website more visible on the result page of certain search engine like Paid Placement and Paid Inclusion. Search engine marketing's target is to build traffic to a certain page. It is also unique compared to other forms of marketing for it is voluntary , search for a certain keyword and they are not forced to visit your website, they have an option to visit it or not and also it is non- intrusive for unlike ads in newspapers you need to go through which interrupts consumers behavior. With search engine marketing, the user is actively seeking your products, services, and information. They are delighted to be driven to your site.

    Benefits of Search Engine Marketing:

    • Number one way of getting people into your page

    • A lot of people use search engines

    • A lot of page, millions of searches

    • More effective than ad banners or other forms of online marketing

    • Opportunity if competitors don't use the same strategy

    More information available at: