Monday, April 20, 2009

New Shoes

Its a gloomy day today, but I still managed to go out and check some rubber shoes. I have been planning to buy myself a new pair of rubber shoes = my sports shoes for it has been already 3 years since i got my old one.

I got a little nauseous choosing the shoes that I want. But I ended up picking the Nike Xccelerated having the brilliant magenta color which suits well with my pink sports bag too.

Whats the shoes for? Well, I play badminton and I'm planning to go back jogging.
I need to lose some weight, but not only that I want to be healthy too. Hope tomorrow I'll be wearing my new shoes in our badminton game.

:( too bad i can't post my new shoes here. got a broken card reader.... I'll just update my blog then when i already have the pic. ;)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Unfit and Im Unhappy About It

I have been feeling lazy and sleepy for almost a couple of weeks already. And I've noticed that I have gained some noticeable weight already. I've been working conveniently at home for almost five months already and whenever I'm at home working I can't help it having a cup of coffee or some food to munch on. And maybe this is the reason of my weight gain.

However, what bothers me lately is that I felt sleepy most of the time. My work starts at 4pm until 12am or sometimes i do have over times. I know i have an abnormal schedule compared to something which is supposed to be but i think i do get enough sleep everyday like 4- 6 hours a day, but still i feel so sleepy and not only that my appetite increased too.

I feel upset about this. I feel unfit. And this is getting serious, I need to to go back jogging and playing badminton. :(