Tuesday, June 16, 2009

donuts in your desk?

I love donuts, but eating on my desk? Its a big no no, unless I want to have ants on my keyboard and worst inside my CPU. But as I was browsing on my way into getting new ideas for my articles I bumped on Breadou Donuts. Breadou Donuts are donuts that you can have on your desk but you cant eat it. I want to have one of these, the hot fudge strips and green teany are my choice.


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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Prednisolone for Migraine?

I had a very bad night last night other, who else won't if you got a very unstable internet connection and migraine together. I was experiencing again a very bad headache on the top part of my head last night that affected my productivity at work. Most of you will advise me to pop some pain killers but they are a no no for me, I'm allergic to those. I am only allowed to have paracetamols, no meifanamic acid or ibuprofen.

Usually, I take a 650mg of Tylenol every 3 or 4 hrs to ease the pain of migraine. And it will take me like 3-4 tablets before it will go away. And another thing that I usually do is to have a cold compress on my head and at the back of my neck using my gel hot and cold packs and of course some great head massage. Last night, I had no time neither for a massage of a cold compress for I was loaded of some tasks. Thus, waking up in the morning with a migraine is a killer. I can't barely move, because every time that I do my head hurts. After I had my breakfast I had another dose of tylenol again. But I remembered that I still got Optipred a Prednisolone.

As you may not know, I've been under medication for my asthma and allergies, and one of my prescriptions was either Prednisone or Prednisolone. Both are corticosteroids, and is use to treat a lot of conditions commonly it used anti inflammatory. These medications has a lot of benefits but it also has various side effects such as weight gain, moon- face, mood swings, constipation, acne and more.

How does prednisolone or corticosteroids gives relief to migraine?

According to Wikipedia, when certain nerves or an area in the brain stem become irritated, a migraine begins. In response to the irritation, the body releases chemicals which cause inflammation of the blood vessels. These chemicals cause further irritation of the nerves and blood vessels that results in pain.

And because prednisone, prednisolone or corticosteroids in general are anti- inflammatory drugs, thus it is effective for the relief of migraine in which blood vessels becomes inflamed.

There are certain reasons why migraine occurs. However, if migraine attacks persists you should not self medicate and you need to see your physician for proper diagnosis and treatment.