Monday, August 9, 2010

Outliers in Hand

Wasn't able to have some updates here. Work keeps me busy recently.

Was checking out the local bookstore earlier that has a book sale, I checked out some books that I might be interested with and I found on one of the book shlevs " Outliers"  by Malcolm Gladwell. Been looking into buying his Tipping Point and Blink but money didn't allow me before, each book costs like 300.00 + in peso. However, just earlier they got the Outliers on 20% sale, so I did grab the opportunity.

The book is about the story of is said on its cover

Will update you once I'm done with the book, but today I just enjoy reading it. I am looking forward into grabbing a copy of Tipping Point and Blink.

Happy reading to me....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Adwords Cheat Sheet : Have them handy....

For a person like me that is still starting my journey with PPC - Adwords it is necessary for me to have the Adwords essentials always at my side. For a beginner a cheat sheet can be your best companion in doing the campaign. With all the terms and acronyms you may scramble them up. Having my own Adwords Cheat Sheet handy really helped me a lot in understanding the essentials of Adwords. I also consider it as my guide in doing the campaign. And it got all the basic things that I need to know in running my Adwords campaign.

You may get your FREE Adwords Cheat sheet at Pay Per Click Search Marketing: Adwords Success Cheat Sheet. 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Making More Money with your Keywords in Adwords

Keywords is one of the important determinants of search marketing whether its with organicSEO  or Pay Per Click with Adwords. Good keyword research and analysis is your first step to successful keywords. Choosing the right keywords for your campaign is not that easy a you think it requires a lot of your time as well as your analysis skills. If you are into PPC such as Adwords it is important to choose the effective keywords and maximize them for each keyword will cost you an amount of money. In Dr. Glenn Livingston's blog he discussed how to make more money and maximize results in no time at AdWords Content Network Themes – Maximizing Results in Minimum Time. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

10 Steps to Adwords Success from the Guru

I have been in charge of the company that I am working with our Adwords PPC campaign. Having the responsibility for the campauign is such a huge challenge for me. Everyone knows and even my boss that I do not have a serious hands- on experience with PPC. Yes, I do search marketing but not PPC. Been working with SEO for some time now and taking the responsibility with our Adwords campaign gave me an oppotunity learn PPC with Adwords.

Learning includes a lot of research, I read on several books on PPC and Adwords, Free training vidoes in Youtube, subscibed on different blogs about PPC Adwords strategy and tips. And I have also known some of the experts in PPC and Adwords such as Perry Marshall, Brian Todd and Dr. Glenn Livingston.

One of the best Adwords tip that I have read is Dr. Glenn Livingston's 10 Steps to Adwords Success. The blog is for everyone, even if you are just a newbie like me or someone who have been working with PPC and Adwords campaign. If you consider yourself to be working on PPC and Adwords then the blog can serve as your reminder or guide and perhaps there things that you might find useful.

Read the 10 Steps to Adwords Success by Dr. Glenn Livingston.

Monday, July 5, 2010

PR Checker

I have just installed a PR checker tool here. You may use it to check your current page rankings, whether you have increased or decreased. Its located on the lower part- side panel of this blog.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Telemarketing Generates Business Leads

Telemarketing is one of the most effective ways that a business can generate business leads. Lead generation telemarketing can be inbound or outbound. It is a lead generation technique with systems that use prerecorded messages and can dial random numbers or numbers from your list. It is only one of the few methods that can adapt to changing situations. more....

Sunday, May 9, 2010

new domain

Its been four days since  I purchased my first ever domain - Been longing to purchase my own domain, however was having a hard time thinking for the best domain name. will be used for my online business website.

Currently, I am still on the planning and lay outing stage of the site development. I am thinking of having a CMS for it. Perhaps it would be Wordpress or Drupal. Don't have any experience working with Drupal but I want to learn. The site will is not just for me but also for my team. In case you do not know, I do work with a development team that composed of applications and web developer, web designers, graphic artists, email marketer, Internet Marketing and SEO Specialist.

Our team has been around for a while now working on various web projects.As with the we are looking forward for more projects for us. The services that we will be offering at will be the following:
  • Web Marketing ( SEO, Social Media Marketing,email marketing)
  • Web and Graphic Design 
  • Web and Applications Development 
  • Customized Business Solution (CRM, Payroll and Accounting, etc.)
I'll keep you  posted once the site is up. But for now if you are interested with any of the services and other business opportunities you may contact me through this blog.

    Sunday, April 18, 2010

    Weekend Menstrual Migraine

    Another  weekend menstrual migraine again for me. Its been like almost a couple of months that I wasn't able to feel the pain of migraine during my regular menstrual period. I was thinking that perhaps it was also triggered by stress. As far as I can remember in the last couple of months I was been doing some daily routine exercise at home. And I was able to do some stretching each morning. But lately, I wasn't able to do anymore. I feel like so tired from the office. Well, perhaps mentally stressed out.

    Been feeling the pain of menstrual migraine since yesterday but it started to feel so painful this morning. As usual, my sense of sight and hearing were sensitive making me stay in my room and take a sleep. I tried to sleep like a couple of hours hoping that the pain will go away when I wake up, but unfortunately it was still there. So I decided to have some dose of prednisolone again in which I tried to prevent on taking it, but I can no longer handle the pain. And yes indeed prednisolone again saved me from the pains of migraine.

    I don't recommend to people who are experiencing migraine attacks to take prednisolone. I have been taking prednisolone because this was prescribed by my doctor for my chronic urticaria and asthma ( and just discovered about it relieving effect for migraine because its anti inflammatory). According to my ob-gyne migraine attacks during menstrual periods for women are normal. However, if you are experiencing severe migraine attacks , you need to see a doctor for it may be symptom of a serious illness.

    Other alternatives to migraine attacks is to take a bath, stay in a cool place and rest. Avoid stress for it can also cause migraine attacks.

    Saturday, April 10, 2010

    Sunny Summer Breeze

    Currently sitting in front of my computer feeling the cool breeze that damps on my face. Windows are opened, electric fans are off with Beatles music on the background. Got no worries today buggling my mind, wish everyday will be like this.  Perhaps today should have been a great day on the beach. Lying on a hammock reading a book or just hanging around and feeling the beauty of nature. Thank you Lord! 

    And it makes me miss working at home.....

    Saturday, February 27, 2010

    My Goal to Healthy Living

    I have been very conscious lately about my health. Yeah, I've gained much weight over time. Of course, I'm one of the women out there that wants to have that nice body. I've been trying to lose weight in any way that I can. Been playing badminton with friends regularly as possible as we can.And even tried to do some jogging after hours. But my goal isn't to lose weight alone or to look good but to feel good and healthy. 

    Aside from getting into physical activities I also try to look after the foods that I eat. I minimize eating processed foods and fatty / fried foods. But sometimes I can't resist McDonald's or Jollibee's french fries. hehehehehe But one thing for sure, I include fruits and vegetables in my daily diet. And I try to do some abdominal crunches, leg raise and some flexing and cardio exercises to get rid of unwanted fats on my abdomen (both the upper and lower) daily especially when I wake up in the morning. However, there are times that I do it in the afternoons after work especially when I'm running late at work. Another effort that I do for my weight loss goal is lessen my rice intake. I only eat rice during lunch, only a cup. 
    I want to feel good about myself and looking good will no longer that difficult for feeling good will radiate our beauty within.  My next plan is to enroll in the gym to increase my physical activities and of course hopefully to get rid of my belly fats. hehehee. 

    But having these simple ways to my healthy living goals made me feel good about myself. I feel better now than before, my allergies are minimized. I feel light, and my physical activities has become my destressing channel. I want to live long and healthy so that I can experience the beauty and joys that life offers. 

    Monday, February 8, 2010

    Laptops are not allowed!

    Been with Rolly earlier at one of the local supermarket here in our place to buy some groceries for my sandwiches the next day. Today is just another usual day for both of us. He was carrying his backup with the laptop inside and me having my own everyday bag with. He tried to leave his bag in the baggage counter so that he can come with me inside the supermarket knowing that the security guard does not allow anyone bringing a backpack to get inside the supermarket. But the lady over the baggage counter did not accept the backup because it contains a laptop. WTH! This isn't our first time to experience this. That was like a fifth or more already. I remembered once before when I argued with the security guard, he told us to just leave the bag at the baggage counter and just bring the laptop and camera along with us while we are doing are grocery. Another WTH! The bag was bought with the purpose to protect the laptop. Idiots. This is completely an inconvenience to the customers. Perhaps a good example on the providing a good customer service and satisfaction....Probably the lady in the baggage counter and the security guard are just following a bullshit rules on how to entertain customers and provide satisfaction. Brilliant. I'm addressing this issue to the Management of Iloilo Supermart Atrium. Please do review your rules. Is that what you call customer service and satisfaction?  You should think about how to provide convenience not INCONVENIENCE to your customers. And I hope you address such issue the way it should be.

    Wednesday, January 27, 2010

    What Do You Think About Page Rank Sculpting?

    Being on the SEO team of our company we are always responsible to answer queries by our coordinators about our SEO campaign, terms, strategies and everything. Me and my team are given the opportunity to share what our skills and what we have learned from our previous SEO and Internet Marketing experiences.

    A couple of days ago one of my supervisor asked me if what do I think about Page Sculpting being offered as one of the activities in our SEO Package. Being their "SEO Specialist" ofcourse I need to answer the question. But honestly, I only knew the basics of Page Rank Sculpting. What it is and why others practice it. So, as for my own opinion I told my supervisor that I think we do not need to include it on our SEO packages for it would only benefit us or our client less.

    I've done my research. I read forums and blogs about Page Rank Sculpting and I've encountered Matt Cutts' opinion regarding on this matter. You can read it here. And he even discussed a few frequently asked questions about this.

    But for now, I am currently still doing my research about Page Rank Sculpting. I want to know more opinions from people who have the authority in the Internet Marketing and Online industry . I'll keep you posted about my research.

    Tuesday, January 5, 2010

    Things that I Need to Learn or Develop in 2010:

    1. Web Analytics. Knowledge Level: 5
    2. Search Engine Optimization - Knowledge Level: 8
    3. PPC and other forms of affiliate marketing - Knowledge Level: 6
    4. Drupal - start from. Knowledge Level: 0 No experience. Its an open - source CMS, and I want to learn this.
    5. Web Development. Knowledge Level: 7 need to learn and develop my skills more especially on CSS
    10 as the perfect knowledge level experience.

    Sunday, January 3, 2010

    2010 Resolutions

    Well, like any other years that passed 2009 was indeed a great year for me. There were a lot of things happened that year. I met new friends and even lost one. But still there are things that I should say I needed to do to have a better, healthy and happy life. I guess 2010 would be another great year for me. Like any other people, I also do have some new year's resolutions. And here they are:

    1. Manage my time wisely.
    2. Don't say "yes" always especially with commitments.
    3. Reduce stress.
    4. SAVE. SAVe. SAve. Save. save. ( I must this year! Have been on my list last year bust wasn't that successful ).
    5. Spend some time for myself and love ones.
    6. Appreciate the beauty of life more.
    7. Continue helping save mother earth in my own little ways.
    8. Pay out my debts.
    9. Try to learn new things every now and then.
    10. Give more time for exercise.
    11. Watch my food. Eat healthy. Be fit.
    12. Buy a domain and have my "own" website publish.
    13. Have more friends.
    14. Value time.
    15. Do things one at a time or step-by-step.

    Those that are in bold face are my top most priorities.