Saturday, May 12, 2012

First BBQ Party

Last night was another fun-filled weekend for me and my superfriends. We had our first bbq party in Jerome's house. Actually, its some kind of post- birthday party for Jerome. Even though it was raining we still manage to have some kebabs, back ribs, chicken bbq and grilled milk fish.  Also Mary Rose brought a macaroni salad, chocolate cake and leche flan. We had a blast and sumptuous dinner and was complemented with red wine after. Surely, last night;s bbq party is not the first and the last.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bye Migraine

On my previous post about Prednisolone for Migraine I have discussed there how I managed my migraine using prednisolone. However, it wasn't that long. Predinislones got some long term side-effects if it is taken for a longer period of time. Some time late last year I was able to allot some time to see a neurologist and if you happen to be here in Iloilo he is Dr. Rendell Alava.  I went on a series of questions about my history, lifestyle, food intake and work. And based on my answers we have determined the possible causes of my migraines or triggers my migraine attacks and they were: stress and food.

The neurologist asked me to stay away from unhealthy foods such as those that are fried and fatty as well as food with monosodium glutamate ( MSG )  content and foods that are high in preservatives. My first visit to my doctor was last October 2011 and he gave me some medications for my migraine. I had Topamax daily for a month then we regulated it to every other day for almost four months. I noticed that there was really a significant effect on me. I wasn't able to have any migraine attacks except for a couple of times when the weather was too bad. It scorching hot then it rained. I hate it when weather is like that. Migraine and asthma attacks!  Going back I believe that my medication weren't have that effect if I didn't change the way I sleep and eat. I make sure that I take like at least six hours of sleep daily which I wasn't able to do before. And I eat healthy now. I make sure not to eat cheescake anymore :( , too much sweets in case you don't know too much sweets can trigger your migraine attacks,  foods that do have preservatives or MSG. I made fruits and vegetables as part of my diet. And don't forget to have some exercise ;) .  And I feel great and for almost a couple of months now I haven't had any migraine attacks.

It all takes discipline and healthy living to say goodbye migraine.  

I am sharing this because I know how difficult it is to have a migraine. And I hope this post of mine will be helpful for managing , preventing or treating your migraines.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My First Snorkeling Experience

Last weekend me and my friends went to Guisi Guimaras for a weekend getaway.  It was already my third time to visit the place and though I have been there thrice already I still want to go back there. Last weekend was a memorable experience for me because I learned how to snorkel the right way. I am not that confident with my swimming skills and I got this fear on deep waters. I panic at deep waters. I am so grateful with my friend Dave who taught me how to snorkel the right way. It was one of the best "beach experience" I had.

What I need to do now is to practice my swimming skills and conquer my fear on deep waters. Practice and patience will make it perfect.  I am planning to buy my own snorkeling gears too: mask  and hose. And someday I hope I know how to use the fins too. But right now my priority is to swim on deep sea level.