Thursday, July 15, 2010

Adwords Cheat Sheet : Have them handy....

For a person like me that is still starting my journey with PPC - Adwords it is necessary for me to have the Adwords essentials always at my side. For a beginner a cheat sheet can be your best companion in doing the campaign. With all the terms and acronyms you may scramble them up. Having my own Adwords Cheat Sheet handy really helped me a lot in understanding the essentials of Adwords. I also consider it as my guide in doing the campaign. And it got all the basic things that I need to know in running my Adwords campaign.

You may get your FREE Adwords Cheat sheet at Pay Per Click Search Marketing: Adwords Success Cheat Sheet. 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Making More Money with your Keywords in Adwords

Keywords is one of the important determinants of search marketing whether its with organicSEO  or Pay Per Click with Adwords. Good keyword research and analysis is your first step to successful keywords. Choosing the right keywords for your campaign is not that easy a you think it requires a lot of your time as well as your analysis skills. If you are into PPC such as Adwords it is important to choose the effective keywords and maximize them for each keyword will cost you an amount of money. In Dr. Glenn Livingston's blog he discussed how to make more money and maximize results in no time at AdWords Content Network Themes – Maximizing Results in Minimum Time. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

10 Steps to Adwords Success from the Guru

I have been in charge of the company that I am working with our Adwords PPC campaign. Having the responsibility for the campauign is such a huge challenge for me. Everyone knows and even my boss that I do not have a serious hands- on experience with PPC. Yes, I do search marketing but not PPC. Been working with SEO for some time now and taking the responsibility with our Adwords campaign gave me an oppotunity learn PPC with Adwords.

Learning includes a lot of research, I read on several books on PPC and Adwords, Free training vidoes in Youtube, subscibed on different blogs about PPC Adwords strategy and tips. And I have also known some of the experts in PPC and Adwords such as Perry Marshall, Brian Todd and Dr. Glenn Livingston.

One of the best Adwords tip that I have read is Dr. Glenn Livingston's 10 Steps to Adwords Success. The blog is for everyone, even if you are just a newbie like me or someone who have been working with PPC and Adwords campaign. If you consider yourself to be working on PPC and Adwords then the blog can serve as your reminder or guide and perhaps there things that you might find useful.

Read the 10 Steps to Adwords Success by Dr. Glenn Livingston.

Monday, July 5, 2010

PR Checker

I have just installed a PR checker tool here. You may use it to check your current page rankings, whether you have increased or decreased. Its located on the lower part- side panel of this blog.