Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Goal to Healthy Living

I have been very conscious lately about my health. Yeah, I've gained much weight over time. Of course, I'm one of the women out there that wants to have that nice body. I've been trying to lose weight in any way that I can. Been playing badminton with friends regularly as possible as we can.And even tried to do some jogging after hours. But my goal isn't to lose weight alone or to look good but to feel good and healthy. 

Aside from getting into physical activities I also try to look after the foods that I eat. I minimize eating processed foods and fatty / fried foods. But sometimes I can't resist McDonald's or Jollibee's french fries. hehehehehe But one thing for sure, I include fruits and vegetables in my daily diet. And I try to do some abdominal crunches, leg raise and some flexing and cardio exercises to get rid of unwanted fats on my abdomen (both the upper and lower) daily especially when I wake up in the morning. However, there are times that I do it in the afternoons after work especially when I'm running late at work. Another effort that I do for my weight loss goal is lessen my rice intake. I only eat rice during lunch, only a cup. 
I want to feel good about myself and looking good will no longer that difficult for feeling good will radiate our beauty within.  My next plan is to enroll in the gym to increase my physical activities and of course hopefully to get rid of my belly fats. hehehee. 

But having these simple ways to my healthy living goals made me feel good about myself. I feel better now than before, my allergies are minimized. I feel light, and my physical activities has become my destressing channel. I want to live long and healthy so that I can experience the beauty and joys that life offers. 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Laptops are not allowed!

Been with Rolly earlier at one of the local supermarket here in our place to buy some groceries for my sandwiches the next day. Today is just another usual day for both of us. He was carrying his backup with the laptop inside and me having my own everyday bag with. He tried to leave his bag in the baggage counter so that he can come with me inside the supermarket knowing that the security guard does not allow anyone bringing a backpack to get inside the supermarket. But the lady over the baggage counter did not accept the backup because it contains a laptop. WTH! This isn't our first time to experience this. That was like a fifth or more already. I remembered once before when I argued with the security guard, he told us to just leave the bag at the baggage counter and just bring the laptop and camera along with us while we are doing are grocery. Another WTH! The bag was bought with the purpose to protect the laptop. Idiots. This is completely an inconvenience to the customers. Perhaps a good example on the providing a good customer service and satisfaction....Probably the lady in the baggage counter and the security guard are just following a bullshit rules on how to entertain customers and provide satisfaction. Brilliant. I'm addressing this issue to the Management of Iloilo Supermart Atrium. Please do review your rules. Is that what you call customer service and satisfaction?  You should think about how to provide convenience not INCONVENIENCE to your customers. And I hope you address such issue the way it should be.