Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Menstrual Migraine

Another  weekend menstrual migraine again for me. Its been like almost a couple of months that I wasn't able to feel the pain of migraine during my regular menstrual period. I was thinking that perhaps it was also triggered by stress. As far as I can remember in the last couple of months I was been doing some daily routine exercise at home. And I was able to do some stretching each morning. But lately, I wasn't able to do anymore. I feel like so tired from the office. Well, perhaps mentally stressed out.

Been feeling the pain of menstrual migraine since yesterday but it started to feel so painful this morning. As usual, my sense of sight and hearing were sensitive making me stay in my room and take a sleep. I tried to sleep like a couple of hours hoping that the pain will go away when I wake up, but unfortunately it was still there. So I decided to have some dose of prednisolone again in which I tried to prevent on taking it, but I can no longer handle the pain. And yes indeed prednisolone again saved me from the pains of migraine.

I don't recommend to people who are experiencing migraine attacks to take prednisolone. I have been taking prednisolone because this was prescribed by my doctor for my chronic urticaria and asthma ( and just discovered about it relieving effect for migraine because its anti inflammatory). According to my ob-gyne migraine attacks during menstrual periods for women are normal. However, if you are experiencing severe migraine attacks , you need to see a doctor for it may be symptom of a serious illness.

Other alternatives to migraine attacks is to take a bath, stay in a cool place and rest. Avoid stress for it can also cause migraine attacks.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sunny Summer Breeze

Currently sitting in front of my computer feeling the cool breeze that damps on my face. Windows are opened, electric fans are off with Beatles music on the background. Got no worries today buggling my mind, wish everyday will be like this.  Perhaps today should have been a great day on the beach. Lying on a hammock reading a book or just hanging around and feeling the beauty of nature. Thank you Lord! 

And it makes me miss working at home.....