Monday, October 6, 2008

Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles at Work

After being out from work last Friday because of the usual migraine that I got every time my period comes, well its been a routine already and I'm one of those million of women that suffers from the Pre Menstrual Syndrome stuff. Why men don't have it? hehehehe 

I went to the office early and checked my mails for new tasks, but I got 0 messages on my office email account. Yay! I got nothing to do tonight. I just need to sit here in my cube, surf the net and I can do anything except sleeping and get paid. No more articles and snippets for now, my last client just dropped their contract with the company leaving me and two other colleagues free from tasks. I've been browsing to different websites from local blogs of yugatech, friendster, facebook and stumbled a lot of websites on my StumbleUpon account until I remembered one of the conversations that I had with wyldkard about him mentioning Sarah Connor.

Because I got nothing to do tonight at work, I thought on looking up if who is Sarah Connor. Wikipedia revealed her identity and yeah I remember who she was. She was the heroine in the Terminator movies which already have tv series entitled
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I was hooked up all night with the tv series at tv links and I watched the first three episodes from the first season. And it really did perk up my night. Now, I just realized that I am so grateful that I can do such thing at the office. I still don't have any clients for now, so this mean that tonight I'll be watching again some episodes of Sarah Connor.