Sunday, March 18, 2012

Creative Zen M300

A month ago my 8gb Creative Zen MX died. It served me well. Well, actually it got some sentimental value for it was given to me by someone very special and dear to me. I love listening to music at home and especially in the office. I can't concentrate well with my work without the earphones on. Music is part of me. I soo miss my Creative Zen MX  and been using my phone as my player. But just tonight someone surprised me with an 8gb Creative Zen M300. Thanks to my dear shakuhachi !

box content
I've posted some unboxing pictures here.  The box contains the following:
- player itself  (8gb)
- USB cable for data transfer and and for charging
- earphones

The Creative Zen M300 is available in 4gb, 8gb and 16 gb. And it comes with black, white, red and yellow and mine is an 8gb black. And the good thing with this player is its memory is expandable up to 32gb on a microSD card.

- portable having a dimension of 55.2 x 44.2 x 12.6mm that can even fit in the small pocket of your pants.
- sleek and stylish. you can choose from black, yellow, red and white.
- crisp quality sound. I gave it a  4.7 / 5 rating  for sound quality.
- expandable memory up 32gb (microSD)
- got an FM  mode if you are bored with your own playlist
- photo viewer. not really  much a feature... but can be used for album covers and background of your songs.
- voice recorder

- finger print magnet.

For overall I give Creative Zen M300  a 4.8 / 5 rating.

top : power , hold button

right side: mic, microSD slot 
bottom: usb slot, earphone jack
left side: volume control

Sunday, March 4, 2012

30-Day Challenge: Perfect Attendance for February 2012

A few of the Callbox Marketing Team
Been a long time since I have my last post here. I have been soo busy lately with work and other stuffs that I have and wasn't able to sit and write something here. I thought of having a 30- Day challenge for this year and I started it with my perfect attendance challenge in the office.

The Works Flavor Super Gang Size Pizza by Pizarro
The perfect attendance challenge was already completed and I received my reward. To give you an idea I have been working at Callbox Sales and Marketing since 2006 and left the company after a year and 3 months and came back last 2009.  And since 2006 there wasn't a month that I got a perfect attendance, its either I am late going to the office or out or on-sick leave.  So, last month I started my 30-Day Perfect Attendance Challenge. And I was also more motivated when my Marketing Manager told me that she'll treat all the Marketing Department with pizza if I pass the challenge. 6:00pm of February 29, 2012 is the judgement day, and I made it. I dunno if what my co- workers were thinking about the challenge, but I made it for myself and the pizza was an additional motivation for me. But sort of I made it partly for them too.

Super Cheese Pizza. Yum! 

It is not because that the 30-day challenge for perfect attendance is done, it doesn't mean that I will be late again for work most of the time. I want to stop that habit. And I have proved to myself that I can make it. And I am planning to continue it on a 60- 90- day perfect attendance challenge for me. And I'll be trying all my best to be punctual on all of my appointments as well. Good luck to me !

Having this post just made me wanna eat pizza now !