Friday, November 27, 2009

Wish List

Few more days from now and its already December. First thing that comes into my mind during this time is spending quality time with my love ones and sharing. If ever Santa Clause is real I'll have my wish list sent over to him. But Santa isn't that real. But probably there may be people who are generous enough to make my wishes come true. (Thinking if ever there will be one. LOL) But below is my wish list.

. Netbook (Lenovo S10-2 or HP Mini Note)

. Smartphone (Nokia E51 or E52 Nokia E71 or 72)
. Camera
. Vacation in a far away island

I think for now I just got four in my list. I'll just update it when I remember the others. But I my wish is not only material stuffs for myself. One of my wishes this Christmas is Peace in my country and throughout the world and that people will realize how important life is and our environment. Lets all pray for peace in every part of the world. And in our own little ways let us help each other in preserve and nurture mother earth. Lets save the world together...