Sunday, May 9, 2010

new domain

Its been four days since  I purchased my first ever domain - Been longing to purchase my own domain, however was having a hard time thinking for the best domain name. will be used for my online business website.

Currently, I am still on the planning and lay outing stage of the site development. I am thinking of having a CMS for it. Perhaps it would be Wordpress or Drupal. Don't have any experience working with Drupal but I want to learn. The site will is not just for me but also for my team. In case you do not know, I do work with a development team that composed of applications and web developer, web designers, graphic artists, email marketer, Internet Marketing and SEO Specialist.

Our team has been around for a while now working on various web projects.As with the we are looking forward for more projects for us. The services that we will be offering at will be the following:
  • Web Marketing ( SEO, Social Media Marketing,email marketing)
  • Web and Graphic Design 
  • Web and Applications Development 
  • Customized Business Solution (CRM, Payroll and Accounting, etc.)
I'll keep you  posted once the site is up. But for now if you are interested with any of the services and other business opportunities you may contact me through this blog.