Friday, July 20, 2012

Siraan Hot Spring & Nogas Island Antique

Friends and I have been planning to have our next weekend getaway at Nogas Island in Ani-niiy Antique. And we have decided to have it last July 13-15, 2012.

Everyone was so excited for the trip. We have heard a lot of nice things about the island and that is one of the reason we were there, to see it for ourselves the beauty that it boasts. Indeed, we weren't failed.

We left Iloilo at around 4:30pm of July 13 and we arrived at Siraan Hot Spring like around 6:00pm. That is like an hour and half travel, thanks to Raymund for offering the transportation. We were seven, Dave, Linds, JM, Che, Stephen and Raymund.

We stayed at Siraan Hot Spring and upon our arrival there we checked out the available accommodations. They got this AC rooms for 1500.00php I think that was good for 6-10 persons. And there was also a   600.00php room good for 4 persons, which what we had. We got two rooms. And the room is spacious for 2 beds and it can even accommodate another 2 extra beds for 100.00php/pax. We packed a lot of food for we thought that food their at Siraan Hot Spring will be expensive. But the resort itself has its own restaurant that serves very affordable food. 

Pathway to the Watch Tower

The next morning we are ecstatic to go to Nogas Island, its a 15-20mins pumpboat ride from Siraan Hot Spring. We only paid 500.00php for the seven of us and the boat can accommodate up to ten persons. And 500.00php is for our two-way trip already. Isn't that cheap? We just spent like 71.50php/ pax for it. And we negotiated the boatman to fetch us in the afternoon.

With Steph and Mon @ the Shoreline
There was no infrastructure such as nipa huts there in Nogas Island. However, the trees there served as our shed and good thing that JM brought his hammock. And also, you need to bring food on the island. Of course you don't want to starve there.

After we had our lunch we headed to the watch tower. Too bad I didn't have the picture of the tower itself. 

My first "real" snorkeling experience
Nogas Island is a memorable place for me since I have spent my first snorkeling experience there. Thanks to Dave for guiding me. Indeed, he is really a good teacher.  I was soo anxious. I know how to swim but I'm not that confident, I got a fear on deep waters. But when Dave took me on the part of the sea where there were corals and fishes, I was in awe and my fear of deep waters suddenly gone. Hahahaha I was literally swimming with the fishes. And its a once in a lifetime experience for me.

The next day, we still have time to roam around some parts of Anini-y and its nearby town Dao.

Anini-y Church
Anini-y Church 
Bird Sanctuary at  Hacienda Feliza, Anini-y Antique
Bird Sanctuary at  Hacienda Feliza, Dao Antique
Hacienda Feliza, Dao Antique
Hacienda Feliza also has a mini-zoo and they also provide accommodation.
Puntahagdan Beach Resort
A view of the mountain at Puntahagdan Beach Resort

Siraan Hot Spring
+63 929 295 0879 or
+63 947 315 6766 look for Miss Enriquita Policar 

Hacienda Feliza 
+63 917 363 0631 or +63 393 957 4044

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