Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Summer 2013: Boracay

Summer Sunset at Boracay 
I can feel the heat of summer. Basking under sun at the beach is one of my favorite thing to do. Just looking into the sea especially during the sunset is one thing that  I believe every person should experience. Last weekend I had a chance to go to one of the best beaches in the Philippines, well not just in the Philippines but in the world - Boracay. Being known for its powdery white sand and hospitality of the people Boracay has been a number tourist destination in the Philippines. I guess not one of tourist from other countries missed visiting Boracay. Had my swimsuit, shades and sunscreen ready, its all that I need for my beach- weekend. This is my second official beach-weekend for this summer. 
One Sunny Morning at Boracay 

Me and my friends stayed at LSM Square Residence, well its not on the beach front but it was a nice place and the place is very clean and affordable. Its located in front of Crown Regency Prince at Station 1 and its like a 5- minute walk to the beach. 


BoracayStories said...

LSM Square has a good location in Boracay. For as long as you don't have a room near the road, you'll have a good night sleep here.

Unknown said...

The people there at LSM Square are very accommodating. We didn't had any problems sleeping since we were on the fourth floor. And their rates are very affordable.

Unknown said...

When it comes to resorts in boracay, beach front or not, it doesn't matter to me.. Strolling around in Boracay is fun! really! :)